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Updates on Amazon's ToS and More

by Brian Zammit, 27 June 2019

Jump on a bathroom scale and see what it registers for a split second. The readout is much heavier than your actual body weight. - Louie Simmons

Stepping on a scale made me think this morning. And go down a Google rabbit-hole.

A person jumping on concrete can create something like up to 60 times their body weight in force when landing.

There's a ton of variables that affect this. Google is your friend if you really want the details, but I'm not aiming to pass a physics exam here. Stay with me here for second.

If taking a step onto a scale can multiply my weight even for just a split second, what else could I do in a day that multiplies my effort.

I mean for anything.

From things we take for granted today like emails reducing the need for phone calls and driving out to meetings. (there's still a place for these, but we can multiply our communication reach with email).

Or using freight forwarders and 3PL warehouses to do all the manual labour involved in shipping and logistics.

Using the services of a purchasing agent. Or hiring a virtual assistant. And working with coaches for fitness, business, and life.

These are all multipliers for our effort.

Just think about how you use the time in a day.

It's the exact same amount of hours, minutes and seconds that stars of sports like Kawhi Leonard, and leaders of business like Jeff Bezos have in every day.

How can you multiply your time right now? What can you setup today so that in a few weeks, months, years, your effort is multiplied?


July 15 and 16.

We finally have the official date for Amazon Prime day. They really need to change the name to Prime days now.

Make sure you are in stock, drive up the BSR of your listing over the next 2 weeks to get noticed by shoppers, and consider running a sale on Amazon during the event.

Prime Day 2019


Here's another good reason to stick with Amazon's Terms of Service (ToS). We sometimes will push the limits of our interpretation of Amazon's ToS. But other times Amazon makes it clear what they will begin strictly enforcing. Next month, it's titles. Make sure they are absolutely compliant or your listing will be targeted for deactivation. Things like this always look like opportunities to me, knowing many of my competitors don't have a clue, and will drop off at least temporarily, and sometimes forever.

Latest Amazon FBA Seller News


Shopify is getting into fulfillment.This is great news for sellers and customers.

I just hope this great Canadian company does it right. Logistics is a minefield.

Shopify is working with $1 billion budget for this. But compare that to Amazon. They had a 'rounding error' of almost the same amount overspent on their logistics in Q2 this year.

Shopify's Alternative to Fulfillment by Amazon