Greg Kowalczyk is a Steel Industry Engineering veteran, who in 2011 got sick and tired of the corporate world, and thus began his journey of entrepreneurship. Greg first started with his own engineering consulting firm. In 2012, Greg began actively investing in real estate in the Golden Horseshoe region, and in 2014 he started an e-commerce business specializing in private label and wholesale. His daughter and business partner, Patricia, currently works and lives in Queenstown, New Zealand. This business has given her the freedom to work while still traveling the world.
Brian Zammit grew up in the golden horseshoe, took the safe path of University and a career in IT Management until being let go in 2013 and realizing his detailed life plan was really in someone else's hands. Never wanting to be in the same position again, he started investing in real estate but found fulfillment after starting an e-commerce company in 2014. Now a private label seller, he is working to share his experience with other local e-commerce business owners to build their own businesses.

Watch and listen to Greg and Brian on "Your Life Your Terms Show" with Tom and Nick Karadza

Episode 6

Using & eCommerce to Quit Your Job and Life Life on Your Terms with Special Guests Greg & Brian

Episode 24

Building eCommerce & Empires: Private Labelling, Wholesaling, Branding, and Drop Shipping

Episode 63

2019 eCommerce & Business Building, Trips to China, Sourcing Products & What Income Levels are Possible 


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