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Creating your Amazon Store and More Amazon News

26 August 2019


I had a cute picture lined up of the kids having fun in the Summer sun.

But Greg sent out this picture and it won't leave my thoughts.

It's from a Rock Star marketing boot camp, about 4 years ago.

It might of been the day Greg and I met.

We're almost certain it's that day.

But there's also another three eCommVIP group members in the picture.

There's about 18 people in the training room. 5 members is about 28% of that class, that are active ecommerce sellers now, in our group.

What are the chances, right?

All these experiences add up.

You won't take action on everything you learn.

Not everything sticks.

But every class you take, every weekend boot camp, even every person you meet, they change you just a little bit.

And you, in turn, are changing those events and people. Just by being there.

Check out the observer effect in quantum mechanics for a related Google rabbit hole. It's crazy. And it's real, according to some scientists.

Some day, 4 years later, you might just look back and see how you were changed by a chance meeting or workshop you decided to take last minute.

This week, we want to share the following news nuggets to you:


23 states have now passed legislation that transfers the tax responsibility from you to Amazon for the products that you sell in Amazon’s store.

In these 23 states, Amazon calculates, collects, and remits tax.


This is what we have been waiting for when it comes to US state sales tax.

Amazon’s tax collection in these states is based strictly on state legislation and there is currently no option for selling partners to opt-out.

Totally makes sense.

Our products are on the Amazon shelf, just like they would be on Walmarts' shelves.
We wouldn't get involved in the sales tax of any other retailer to customer relationship, so this automatic collection of tax from customers to Amazon just brings them inline with the rest of industry.

I get that Amazon tries to be different in every way from traditional retail, but it's possible to try too hard.


Shipping is hard, even for Amazon.

They reported a 20% sales increase for the second quarter, but that came at a cost of 36% increased shipping costs.

Customer surveys have been clear that shipping times are important, but at what cost?

Someone has to pay for the added speed. Let's see what happens to Prime membership costs. Or will there be something like a Prime VIP membership option?

Amazon posts 20% sales gain in 2nd quarter of 2019


Look for signals from the best in the industry to get clues as to what's coming next.
Warren Buffett's company now owns over half a million shares of Amazon.It is a relatively small investment compared to Buffett's $200B cash, but it's an interesting signal.Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway loads up on Amazon stocksHOW TO CREATE AN AMAZON STORE

If you are brand registered, give your brand a little lift in visibility by creating an Amazon store.

Its free.

You have all the media already, and its quick to create.

Give it a try.

Amazon Store Set Up