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The Week That Was and the Apps We are Loving

7 February 2019

Last Saturday after the "Your Live Your Terms" event, our dear friend Barbie Perry organized a late lunch for us.  Thanks, Barbie, it was amazing!

As our eCommVIP community grows, so is our relationship with these awesome group of people.  It was great to see smiley faces around the table just enjoying the conversation and company of each other.  ECommVIP has indeed blossomed into a community where we can meet, share experiences, issues and even successes in our day to day lives.  Looking forward to more of these!

This week we have a couple of nuggets for you.

Shopify App We're Loving 

Save My Sale.  Brilliant approach to boost your abandoned cart recovery on Shopify.  Real humans send high-converting text messages to make your customers feel special.  Nudge them to go ahead and purchase or give them the opportunity for Q&A that may be blocking the purchase.

SaveMySales SMS Marketing

Tool We're Loving 

Have your Amazon listings suddenly changed - images, bulleted features, titles, etc. and have you had to work REALLY hard to get Amazon to revert the changes...without backup?  It's time to protect your Amazon listings, with the help of the Wayback Machine (it's a library of webpage snapshots). You can have your VAs go in monthly and take snapshots of every Amazon listing, so there is documentation of what an Amazon listing used to look like.

Wayback Machine