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Tips to Boost Product Pages and More

by Brian Zammit, 04 July 2019

Amazon invasion!

A few of us took a tour of an Amazon warehouse in Brampton last week. Thanks Gráinne and Gordon for setting it up!

In the picture is Som, Banya, me (Brian), Greg, Gordon, Jenny, Jeff, and Gráinne is behind the camera.

It's Amazon's only robotic warehouse in Canada if I remember correctly, and its a huge space.

Four identical floors for moving product through their system.

There's blocked off areas where we saw the famous Amazon Kiva robots bringing racks of products to employees.

Conveyor belts and sorting machines.

It looked like the warehouse was running at maybe 15% capacity. Rows of empty workstations. It may of been a quiet day, or maybe they're planning for the increasing online sales volumes we're seeing and reporting on 🙂

There's something like 2000 people employed here. And there's another warehouse across the street.

One employee, in one shift, can stow away 4500 items. Or receive into the warehouse 5000 items.

One look in here, and its beyond clear that we should be making use of the FBA warehouses and systems.

Attempting to do fulfillment on our own is not even a remote possibility.

Create products. Target customers. Get the marketing right. But let the masters / monsters of fulfillment take care of their part.


Product descriptions are still generally terribly done on Amazon, brand websites, and other sites like Walmart.

You can get your product to stand out, and get more sales, by giving window shoppers what they need to know.

We recommend the same tested formula for products being sold on any platform.

Know your customer. Focus on benefits. Angle your product and brand story to the target customer. Use the right keywords and use every possible space to display pictures and videos. Highlight good reviews and people talking about the product on social media. Go back and update the listing regularly.

Check out the detailed tips here.

Ways to Optimize your Product Pages


The ancient shipping industry is undergoing some big changes.

International clean air rules may delay shipping times and increase prices later this year. The rules came into effect on January 1, but shipping companies are still making adjustments.

Some big importers are pulling ahead their shipments to avoid added costs.  But for small companies like ours, the added up front purchase costs and storage take too much margin to consider this route.

We look at the business in a long term way, and everyone will be in the same boat (literally!), making for an even playing field over time.

Firms fear for deliveries in shipping shakeup


What do you do if you run a platform with more users than the population of China and the US combined?Start a currency.

That's what Facebook is working on.

They already faced a few hurdles like leaders in France denouncing the idea.

But opening up currency is an unstoppable idea.

All it takes is for two people to believe there is value in the item being used as currency, and a secure way to transfer it. And there's your currency for exchange of goods and services.

We're at the very beginning of what's possible here.

Watch for ways you can make use of these new payment options for your own business.  It might be a way to reduce fees, speed up transactions, and catch some customer attention in the process.

Zuckerberg’s new financial order