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8 March 2019

When you wake up tomorrow, do something that wasn't going to just happen anyway.  - Unknown

It is so easy to get into a routine and glide through each day without actually getting the big things done.  Sometimes getting the big things done seems like a distant wish, and the fear of even starting becomes magnified.  It's important not to get stuck and start doing something about it.  There is no better time to start than today.

Of all the daily routines and hacks, the simple approach has been working best for me.  Splitting tasks between the right now stuff of daily life and work, and the future things that will pay off later.  The future things have a permanent spot on my schedule, getting done before the little things to make next week, month, year, better than today.

What are you doing today, for tomorrow?

This week, we have these couple of nuggets we want to share with you.


They are really going after the retail food market. Whole Foods was not enough. Now, Amazon has reportedly signed leases for relatively small grocery outlets and may start opening later this year. We have reported on this being a trend for Amazon, and expect to see more physical locations popping up worldwide. Looking forward a few steps, this is the gateway to exposing your top selling products from Amazon and into offline consumers' hands, across international boundaries.

Amazon's New Line of Grocery Stores


Check out the first video from cpcstrategy for some insights into advanced Amazon ppc strategies. The second video by Salesify goes into detail about the importance of having a great listing. The third video by Skubana is great if you have your own website and need tactics for driving traffic.  We try to learn from everywhere, and take what works for us.

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