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Of Free Images, Project Zero and Duopoly

22 March 2019

“Just do it” - Nike

Nike's slogan, Just Do It. Why has it proven to be so timeless?  How do these simple words stick in our thoughts so well? Why isn't it Just Study It?  Or Just Think About It?  Or Just Compare the Top 5 Options and Create a Spreadsheet?  Because none of these things moves you forward.  And you know it, even if you keep doing these things and spinning your wheels.  It can feel like you accomplished something, but without action, there is no result.  You need to move, just do it, and create the results you want.

We find the simple messages, just like Nike's slogan, the easiest for us to remember, repeat, and use everyday.  No need to complicate things.  Just keep it simple and actually do it.

This week, we have these interesting stories to share with you.


We use images for so many things in ecommerce. Advertising, listings, emails, websites.  Name it and chances are we need images for it.  Here's a cheat sheet list of sites with images you can use freely. Many have paid options that can be good additions to your advertising, but we always appreciate something free 🙂

Quality Royalty Free Images


Amazon is ramping up protection for brand owners. Project Zero is only testing with a handful of retailers right now, but it is a big step in the right direction for us brand owners on Amazon. Being brand registered should bring us the benefit of automatically protecting our listings and kicking off unauthorized sellers. This protects our brand image, and keeps us in the buy box. Looking forward to this!

Amazon Project Zero


Zipper quality often comes up when creating or improving our private label textile products. We are always quick to recommend YKK branded zippers as the top quality option, but SBS has been a long time solid second choice. This Chinese brand has proven to have great quality over unbranded zippers for years, at a much lower cost than YKK. Now, they are being regarded as a possible duopoly competitor to YKK by the press. Interesting for us to see how this business has grown, and what price and quality pressure can do to a market.

A Closer Look at the Zipper Industry