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The Rise of Amazon Business

11 April 2019

"Little hinges swing big doors." -  W Clement Stone

It's all the little things that add up.  It is very rare that you wake up one day and you are in your dream life without having done a lot of little tasks to get to the one big achievement.  And I suspect it's rarely one big achievement that's the big deal.  It's all the little tasks along the way that make it possible.  And interesting.

Reading a few minutes a day, maybe you find an idea on one of the pages that opens up whole new investment possibilities. Or maybe its focusing like crazy on fixing customer complaints in reviews. Or creating amazing photography scenes for your products. Or maybe you have mastered the art of creative replies to customer comments.  Whatever it is, you do have to get the big things right, and be aiming in the right direction.  But do not forget that the details do matter.


Selling online is often focused on consumer purchasing. But there's a whole other world of buyers. Businesses. And it might be double the size of the consumer market. Keep your eye on this one.

Amazon expands into B2B Ecommerce


2,000 Amazon shoppers were surveyed about what they prioritize when buying, why they buy from new brands on Amazon, and how much they're spending on the platform. More confirmation that we continue to be on the right track. Most people are open to new brands, and are not as loyal to the big brands as you may think. Some large groups of buyers use Amazon primarily to find new products. Not TV commercials, radio ads, newspapers, or even online advertising. Echo users spend 10% after buying the device. Interesting to watch what happens with trends in voice. Lots more interesting information to make use of in here.

2019 Amazon Consumer Shopping Study