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Walmart, Target and eBay News

by Brian Zammit, 11 July 2019

Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion. - Michael Jordan

I love stories about Michael Jordan.

Maybe it's because he made being the best look easy. And you could just see how much he loved to play.

Whatever it is, learning how hard he worked even when he was at the top of his sport is inspiring.

One of his coaches, Tim Grover, tells how he was training one of the lesser know Chicago Bulls, and Michael happened to see his trainer business card in the team mates locker one day.

Michael didn't miss a beat, and asked if the trainer is any good, and got his contact info.

Jordan was already a mega star at this point.

It would of been easy to say he's already got all the training he needs.

But that's not how top achievers think. There's always another level.

That trainer ended up coaching Michael, and many other super stars.

But it's this idea of always learning, and never accepting where you are as the top of the game.

Check out the podcast Born to Impact, episode 9 for the story (it starts off with a bit of religion, but I think the story a few minutes in is worth it).


Walmart is fighting hard to grow their small share of online sales. They're coming at it from every angle.

We saw Walmart provide free 2 day shipping already.

There's stats showing 99% of US consumers say fast delivery is important to them.

We see a huge difference in Amazon sales when our products are Prime eligible, with shoppers filtering their search results for Prime items and ignoring the rest entirely.

FBA and the related customer Prime shipping is a key part of our scaling strategy. Be on the lookout for ways to make shipping better for your customers on any platform you use.

Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping


Target and eBay are crashing Amazons' party.

Target is running deals on thousands of items, and this strategy paid off last year, becoming one of their biggest sales days of the year.

eBay already has deals running, and is promising special discounts if Amazons' site crashes during Prime day sales on July 15 and 16.

They're all just playing catch up and trying not appear obsolete to shoppers.

But we know the numbers, and Amazon is king of the online sales hill by a country mile.

How retailers are taking on Prime Day


Walmart ecommerce news is everywhere these days.Reports are coming out of Billion dollar losses in the online division.  That's after their $3.3 billion purchase of Which appears to mostly be a loss at this point.  They're looking at selling off some of the recent online brands they bought, but might do so at a loss.

And internal executives disagreeing on future strategy.

Amazon's dominance is frustrating even the biggest old school sellers, forcing them into decisions and mistakes.

Now, Walmart is saying they are doubling down on its own brands.

It's clear they're just guessing. They're experienced retailers, but online is not the same game.

Amazon has years of data, at huge scale, and has already put into action their plan to profits;

Provide a safe space for third party sellers to sell their products, while renting out their infrastructure. And everyone profits.

Let's see if Walmart sees what Amazon, and us, already see.

Walmart's Ecommerce business on track to lose $1B?