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Top Amazon Stories and Tips on Email Marketing

24 May 2019

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend!

It's this time of year that I am reminded what my neighbors look like, after coming out of a long winter hibernation.

But more than anything, getting out in the warmer weather helps me see all the different tools, clothing, and products people are carrying around with them.

Take some time this week to make a note of these products you see all around you. Then look them up. See what's selling online. Do some sales and keyword research. Maybe find some related products.

These random searches could turn out to be very valuable.

There's quite a bit happening in online retail right now. Here's a few of the top stories that might have an effect on our businesses.


Same day food and alcohol delivery is starting up. With Prime Now giving delivery within an hour in some cases. And it's just the beginning. So much more to come from this combining of online and offline retail.

Amazon Prime Now delivery launches at more Whole Foods Store


Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the western world, but in other markets it is often number 2 or one of a few local companies selling online. Amazon used the middle eastern online company Souq to launch its own marketplace. Their attempts to enter markets with strong local players haven't worked out well in the past, including in China and India. This is a softer, longer term entry to the middle east that started in 2017. All of these marketplace purchases lead to easier worldwide sales for our own products. It's a great thing for us as sellers.

Amazon rebrands Souq for Middle East Market


Interesting research about email marketing: Outreach emails with long subject lines have a 25% higher average response rate. But make sure it doesn't get cut off by inbox previews.

Emails with personalized, targeted messages have a 33% better response rate. Dynamic content can help you create highly personalized emails.

See more details and research on B2B sales emails in the link: Email Outreach Study