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Prime Day is Coming!

31 May 2019

This week's newsletter will be a bit different ---  less of an intro this time, all information 🙂

Prime Day is coming!

The date isn't official, but we expect Prime day to be July 8 this year, and last up to 36 hours.

Even if you didn't get an invitation to Prime Day sales as a seller for this year, there's a few things you can do to be ready anyway.

Make sure your best selling products are in stock by June 27.

And create Amazon giveaways, including coupon codes, and discounts at least a week before prime day.

This will help boost your best seller rank before prime day, and give you a better chance at spiking sales organically when prime day arrives.

It's so easy to get caught up in doing too many things. Just read the official Amazon manual. 🙂

Prepare for your Best Prime Day Yet 


A new company in china named Neolix is partnering with some of their eCommerce giants to automate parcel deliveries.

Alibaba's founder Jack Ma predicts there will be over 1 billion (!) deliveries a day in China within 10 years.

China is years, maybe a decade ahead of us in eCommerce, automation, and scale.

Keep an eye on what happens in China to see what's probably coming next to the west.

Robo-deliveries Now a Reality in China


A good quick example of knowing your audience, and what they value.

I'm into cars. Especially fast ones. And I sometimes watch car reviews. Most of them are terrible.  But this guy Doug DeMuro gets it right. I've been watching him for a while.

It's all about the car, not him.

Interesting how his opening scene, for every single review he does, has been noticed. For what?

For showing the car in the foreground, not him!

Seems simple. But keep in mind what's important when you're creating things like product photos, video, and any social media posts.

Doug Gets It.  Do You?


This one is a bit different.

It's all about doing nothing.

Take time for yourself throughout the day to pause and recharge.

This can be especially hard when it feels like things are piling up. And if you are just executing on tasks, there's probably less need to pause.

But it's different when there is creativity involved. Like coming up with product ideas, or solving new customer issues.

A pause in the day might just what you need.