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ECommerce News Roundup

10 June 2019
This week, we are sharing these information nuggets with you.  From changes in shopping ways to dirty seller tricks to updates in Amazon Terms of Service, we've got it covered.

Back to school shopping has become another shopping season. Parents are buying supplies earlier in the year, often peaking around Amazon's Prime day in July. The big brands are no longer the most prized possessions, with private label brands being bought just as much. And this is estimated to be an over $1 billion shopping season.

If your product is a back to school item, make sure it's in stock for Prime day, ramp up your advertising early and get product in stock for the season.

Back to School Shopping Has Changed


Chinese sellers are on the move again. A couple of bad companies are targeting good selling products, getting themselves brand registered, and taking over listings. So far, Amazon has not come up with a way to work with legitimate sellers on this, but expect a response soon.

Getting your product legitimately certified to be safe from heavy metals just got more important. Amazon took down about 900,000 kids school supplies and jewelry until sellers can provide certification of safety. It's an added expense up front, but stay on the right side of the law when it comes to safety. It pays off in the end. It's also an opportunity, as many sellers will be offline while they await testing, and many may just disappear forever. Less legitimate competition for your certified products!

Amazon Seller News Roundup


Amazon has started anonymizing phone numbers displayed to sellers. This is overall probably a good idea from a customer view. Some sellers were using this information to help piece together customer profile data, including real email addresses and social media profiles, for advertising and re-targeting. Expect to see less information flowing from Amazon to sellers in the future. It's Amazon's customer, not ours. And if you're selling using FBA, the customer information should be of little use. This reduction in information is likely to continue.

Customer Phone Number Anonymization