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What is Walmart Up To?

by Brian Zammit, 25 June 2019
“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung

The last couple of weeks sure were exciting.

We got an overload of awesome.

Toronto got a championship trophy winning team with the Raptors making NBA history.

Fathers day came and went with some great weather.

And we also attended the Rock Star Entrepreneur Summit for two days of great information and dedicated time to think about what's possible.

One thing kept coming up in conversations at the Summit. How just knowing something exists, or is possible, can change you.

Running a minute mile. Deadlifting 1000lbs. Flying. Going into space.

When we see the scale of what's possible, it changes us. It makes things possible. And then others will follow.

We really are living in an amazing time.

Let's bring this all back to ecommerce and see what's happening right now.


If you needed another reminder, Prime Day is coming to town in a few weeks.  Like Christmas in July!

But be ready.

Make sure your products are in stock.

Tweak your listings with the best data proven keywords and make sure you're telling the story of your product in pictures and customer benefits.

Drive the BSR ranking of your listing up in these weeks leading to Prime day using all the white hat tools available to drive traffic and sales.

Check this guide from Viral Launch for a few more details on how to prepare.

Prime Day Seller Guide


Retailers are reacting to Amazon's push for faster delivery to customers.

It looks like Walmart rolled out a $98 yearly grocery service, with no per delivery fees. It used to cost about $10 per delivery.

If people were doing a weekly grocery shop with Walmart, dropping shipping by 4x a year is great news.

Neat to see how Amazon is forcing a better experience for all customers, not just their own shoppers.

Walmart Grocery's Delivery Unlimited


Another Walmart story. But they're possibly the only western company with a hope of competing with Amazon.And they keep saying they're serious about doing more online, so they throw more ideas at the wall all the time.

Let's see if this idea of direct to fridge delivery sticks.

Personally, this is just a flat no. Just no.

Amazon also talked about direct to car trunk delivery, and delivering into your home.

Companies are grasping to find additional value at the delivery end of the customer experience. But it feels like something big is missing here.

The market will decide shortly if this idea will survive, or maybe it will keep bouncing around until the right mix of security, accountability, and convenience is found.

Walmart's from Food Aisle to Fridge Delivery