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eCommerce - Want to Learn What's New in 2019?

14 December 2018

Hi everyone,

Before the end of the weekend, we wanted to share with you a couple of golden nuggets.

1. If you sell online or are planning to do start in 2019, you must listen to this episode of Million Dollar Brands with Ezra Firestone.  Ezra is a long-time, experienced e-commerce entrepreneur who has created a massive e-commerce business for himself and his clients.

You can listen to the episode here.  (

2. With Facebook's promise to their users to create transparency regarding their data and how it's collected and used, Facebook now allows you to see active ads from any Page. Why does that matter to you? Now you can see all of your competitors active ads!

  • Go to your competitors Facebook Page.
  • Click "Info and Ads", the last menu on the left.

It’s what we’re constantly preaching: to be the best, you need to learn from the best and now Facebook makes it easy to see all of your top competitors ads in one place.

There are some final details for the trip and scheduling for the pre-trip classes happening now, and this trip is gearing up to be amazing. After this trip is full, we don't know when we will be traveling to China again

We are only planning this one trip for 2019.

To register, click here ( and complete the quick sign up form.

The last but not the least, on December 22 we are finally launching our eCommVIP membership.  Stay tuned for more info...

Have an amazing weekend,

Greg and Brian


P.S. If you've all thought about an online business or building another revenue stream then this sourcing jump start is for you here: