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You Haven't Seen these Nuggets

1 February 2019

Last week we've been invited (already for the 3rd time) for "Your Live Your Terms Show".  Thanks, Tom for the invitation.  It was a lot of fun!

We have covered a lot of different topics such as eCommerce business tactics, trips to China, sourcing products, future of eCommerce...

If you would like to find out more check it out here

On Saturday, Feb 2nd we will be at YLYT event so if you would like to chat with us just drop by at our table in the main hall.

This week we have a couple of nuggets for you.

For those of you maintaining multiple sales channels, such as a branded site off Amazon, you’re always looking for the best practices when it comes to those channels. E-commerce is a complex endeavor requiring a lot of puzzle pieces falling into place. Small online business owners juggle dozens of tasks, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and wind up with a site that’s cluttered and hard to navigate.

Fortunately, you can take six easy steps to simplify your e-commerce site and make it as functional as possible …

How To Simplify Your eCommerce Site In 6 Easy Steps

Huge timesaver we're experimenting with —

Get more efficient with Gmail shortcuts. HitShift ? It tells you every shortcut in Gmail with a cheat sheet on top of your inbox. You must have shortcuts enabled in Gmail - Settings > General > Enable Keyboard Shortcuts. Practice makes perfect. Start with 1 shortcut. Hit 'X' to select an email and 'V' to label and move it.