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What's New on Transferwise and Amazon?

14 March 2019

“What you're thinking is what you're becoming.” - Mohammad Ali

I think this applies to everything.  From business to sports, life and your legacy.

Be very selective about what you take in from the outside world.  This will shape your thoughts.  The types of people you are around (are they happy, positive, and motivated?).  The TV shows you watch.  The books you read.

Everything that goes into that supercomputer between your ears, affects it (for a deep rabbit hole, google "observation affects reality").

What comes out is your tomorrow.

Your imagination is creating your future reality right now (another rabbit hole, google "Steve Jobs reality distortion field").  Tweaking your future just a little bit. What you observe and how you react, matters.

What are you thinking about today?

Hopefully, these nuggets below can help you in shaping your tomorrow.


Transferwise has become a favourite service of ours lately. Great foreign exchange rates for every account. Super easy to use website. Big money backing them up. They even had free wire transfers out to suppliers, and in from your bank account. There's now a fee for wires, both in and out of their service. They're still awesome though. Their mission remains to eventually provide fee-free international money transfer. And they may be the only company willing and able to make that happen. Time will tell. Here's their explanation:

Transferwise Making Fees Fairer


That's us! More signs Amazon needs third party merchants on their platform. Sellers using the Vendor platform(s) (there's a couple variations) didn't receive their usual purchase orders last week. As such,Amazon is directing these vendor sellers who usually sell direct to Amazon, to open Seller Central accounts like we use, and sell directly to consumers themselves. We're on the right side of this move, and follows the trends we've reported on and continue to see.

Amazon Halts Purchase Orders for Vendors


We advise to start Amazon PPC right away when launching a product. Then continue running and optimizing it basically forever. If you want to drive external traffic, the top choice right now is Facebook Ads. We reviewed this in our private label course, but it's useful sometimes to see it from another angle. Here's a great overview of the process. Make sure your listing is optimized to convert window shoppers to buyers. Drive traffic to a landing page, not direct to Amazon. Split test your Ads. Make a great offer in the ad. Read more of the details here:

Promoting Amazon Products with Facebook Ads